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Through 35-years of experience and research, Hudson has identified the foundational skills required for a successful manager.

Skill Modules

Wiser currently offers six foundational skills that are necessary for becoming a successful, supportive manager: Feedback, Inquiry, Empathy, Inner Critic, Delegation, and Managing Up. We will continue to develop new skill modules to support the ever-evolving needs of managers.

Engagement Structure

Each skill module starts and ends with a meeting between coach & manager. During each phase, the manager will learn new skills on the platform and take them into the real world for practical application.

Sponsors have visibility into which modules managers are choosing to focus on, and where they can expect to see growth.

Sponsors can monitor manager engagement levels broken down by session attendance and exercise completion over time.


We measure and report on engagement, learning, behavior change, and performance. Tailored to your organization's needs.

Coaching Formats

We offer two coaching formats. 1:1 coaching is a private and personalized experience for each manager. Group coaching is a cohort-based experience with shared accountability, at a lower price point per manager.

1:1 Coaching

Group Coaching


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